Should you want to contact us to talk about your decision to engage with us in counselling or to book an appointment call us on:

Ph 1300 795 292

Offering Professional and Caring experts in Clinical Psychology

We aim to facilitate long lasting change in our client's lives.

Psychologists study the way people feel, think, act and interact. We use a range of strategies and therapies as we aim to reduce distress and to enhance and promote emotional wellbeing. Clinical Psychologists are experts in mental illness, studying human behaviour, the brain, memory, learning and human development. By seeing a Clinical Psychologist, you can be assisted in learning to control difficult emotions and your thinking and behaviour. We assist those who have mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, serious and enduring mental illness, addictive behaviours and childhood behaviour disorders


We take referrals from GP's under a Mental Health Care plan. Medicare rebates are available for people referred under a mental health care plan. Bulk billing is available for people on a Centrelink benefit.


Please call our office to discuss your treatment needs and we will advise you as to the next available appointment. We can also discuss the psychologist that may be best matched to you. .

Assessments &

We provide a full range of Assessment and Reports for Forensic matters, Victims of Crime and various other assessments according to need. These are billed separately to the mental health care plans and often have out of pocket expenses attached.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Response

Please Link Here for full information on our current operating hours, infection control measures, appointment screening questions, our current social distancing strategies and remote alternatives to face-to-face consultations.

Treatment options

All of our Psychologists are trained in specific evidenced based therapy and treatments. These treatments have been tested and proven successful for many people across many years within the psychology profession. Each psychologist carefully assesses each person's unique needs and tailors an individualised treatment regime.

Group Workshop Events

For information on our Group Workshop Events calendar for upcoming events including Managing Anxiety, Managing Depression, Tackling Insomnia, Anger Management and Assertiveness skills - click here to download a flyer

Should you have an urgent need to contact someone to recieve support, here is a list of some crisis services.

Lifeline : 13 11 14

Suicide Helpline: 1300 651 251

Werribee Mercy Triage: 1300 657 259

KidsHelp line: 1800 55 1800

Link to Lifeline

Our rooms are located in central Werribee, easily accessed from the train station, and available parking on site.

Coming to counselling is always a big step. Feel free to contact us by email or telephone to see how we can help you.

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Our Approach

We approach our clients with a non-judgmental approach, accepting people for where they are at.

We respect people's values and life experience; working towards common goals in therapy.

Our values

We believe that each person has unique needs and personality types within their own emotional and psychological presentation. We value uniqueness and individuality and build on each person's strengths and existing resilience.