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Better Access to Psychologists Medicare Program

Referrals can be made through a GP mental health care plan. You can attend your GP and discuss this with them. If you are eligible for a mental health care plan, you can recieve 10 sessions in a calender year (from Jan 1st to Dec 31st) that are rebateable through Medicare (or are bulk billed if you are on a Centrelink benefit). You will need to obtain the mental health care plan prior to making your first appointment, and bring the referral to your first session, with your payment and Medicare card. Please discuss costs with your psychologist at Next Door Psychology.

Medicare Local ATAPS program

Select psychologists at Next Door Psychology are treatment providers under the ATAPS program. Clients are referred through their GP to the Medicare Local office andthen onto Next Door Psychology, who set up the appointments. ATAPS sessions are targeted for those on low incomes, non English speakers, suicide prevention, Indigenous/ Torres Strait Islanders and perinatal depression. There is no cost to the client, however, these sessions cannot be accessed if previous sessions have been utilised through the Better Access Program.

Assessment and Treatment Referral points

Next Door Psychology are able to see clients who are referred through their solicitor for criminal court assessments and reports, Victims of crime assessments and treatments and Workcover treatment. Clients who have counselling under the TAC are also able to use those sessions with Next Door Psychology. If you have any other needs regarding psychological assessment or require a psychological report, please contact Next Door Psychology to discuss availability and costs.


Further information

Mental health care plan or ATAPS referral

Your psychologist will write treatment update letters to your GP throughout the treatment. After six sessions, you will be required to attend your GP for a review if additional sessions are indicated.

Assessments and reports

Depending on the type of report required, you may need to attend for a two hour assessment session. The cost depends on whether the matter is subject to legal aid, it may be of full cost to the client, or be paid for by another government agency, such as TAC or Workcover. We can also administer cogntiive assessments for students and adults. You will need to discuss your individual needs with a psychologist at Next Door Psychology. .

Further treatment

Should you require more than the allocated session number through the GP referral, you can pay for additional sessions out of pocket or claim on private health insurance.

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